Carfax please


Apr 19, 2008
Anyone doing carfax reports? I need one please. Looking at aSyclone and would like to know what's up with it. Thanks in advance! Vin is 1GDCT14Z7M8801515
I too would like to know if anyone can get free Carfax, but after searching the web the only way to receive a Carfax is to pay for one.
:rolleyes: I guess I'm just a bum, huh? Sometimes people pay for carfax and end up with "spare" ones. I just threw it out there hoping someone had an active acct and would run it for me. You never know. Some people are nice like that.
You are right if someone purchase six month or one year subscription you can check many Carfax. If down the road I decided to subscribe, I will look you up again
That would be grrreat lol. We just came back from California where we had our oldest kid graduate from the Marines bootcamp and dropped a pretty penny. It was all worth it but this living paycheck to paycheck just plain sucks.
send me an email on how you did it if you don't have an dealer accounts. Thanks
I would just ask that North Texas autosports dealer to run it up and print it out for you to view.. if there's nothing to hide they normally will do that