Cars a dog under spool up


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May 25, 2001
When tuning these turbo cars I was always told to start out rich then lean it out as the RPM goes up. Right now im running about 11.7 until around peak torque, then 12.2 after. The car feels sluggish until around 4K then the tires light up and it takes off? Im only running 12psi. I have about ~37 degrees of timing until right around full spool, then about 28 degrees after spool. My questions is:
1) The car is a 6 speed, Im I running to rich, lean the car out before spool up?
The car does not feel much differnet by adding timing before spool up.

What always seemed to work for me was to simply tune for whatever gives you the best torque for the area your operating in. This will result in the best acceleration of the engine RPM to the camshafts sweet spot and the sooner the engine gets up "on the pipe" (the camshaft), the faster the turbo will spool and the faster the the whole induction system gets into positive feedback.

I was never able to sucessfully employ the "tricks" of over fueling, retarded timing, etc. to actually improve the spool-up time.