Caspers Hot wire plug question


Fargan sneaky bastages!
I installed a Caspers kit and the Caspers male plug coming out of the relay has the gray and black wires flipped from what they are on the male plug coming off the tank. I'm assuming this is wrong since the pump will run off the factory harness but when I ran everything through the Hot Wire relay (I didn't notice the wires were opposite at first) I smoked the fuel pump fuse. With both male plugs facing the same way are the gray purple and black supposed to be in same locations? Also for some reason I'm only reading a full 8.5 volts from the factory fuel pump harness and a new underhood relay didn't help so I assume this is why the factory pump died. This car has been fun, I've had it a month and been able to drive it a whole 50 miles so far.:mad:
John at Caspers is a Very Helpful guy so mail or call him with your issues. he posts here often. GNVenom is his name I think.