cat converter


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Jun 3, 2009
hello peoples: How many of youz run a CC. JUst like my questionable thoughts on a 180 stat the question of going catless comes and goes. I do have a trest pipe but I don't know about installing it. Any thoughts.
I may or may not have a "test pipe" and it may or may not have been on there for quite some time.
This looks nice and legal. ;):cool:
3 inch inlet version.
hello people: That PC. should pass inspection with no problemo. Is it gutted? Do U have one like it installed? If so do U have a drone?
I just put one on my's custom unit with a Magnaflow MPE-59959 universal metallic converter, a vibrant flex joint and 3" V-Band so i can switch out to my test pipe w/electric dump if i feel the need too... i don't need to have it on to pass any type of smog... just wanted something so the exhaust smells better and i don't smell like fumes all the time... also when my wife and daughter ride with me - they can actually enjoy the drive, and my wife doesn't complain.... :D


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It's on the car now and with a 3" dual exhaust it's ok, I haven't got the tailpipes on yet, need a lift, and some luck, to get those on. :p
I have a Brookstone little remote control helicopter from the 1990s but no drone. :cool: