CCOM Windows question


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I have a weird problem with my laptop (an older Compaq Armada 7750MT) and the SpeedPro ECU, and I'm hoping that maybe someone else can shed a little light on it.

I'm running Win98. The only way I can get the computer and the ECU to talk is to boot the computer in DOS mode, and then exit DOS mode, at which point the computer will boot into Windows. After booting into Windows in this manner I can communicate w/the ECU. If I boot directly into Win98, however, the computer can't see the ECU. Any ideas? FWIW, it has always behaved this way. I recently did a complete reinstall of Windows on this machine -- reformatted the HD, etc., and this didn't change the behavior. I believe I have installed all of the appropriate patches from Compaq, so I'm sort of stumped. the current arrangement isn't too inconvenient, so I can live with it, but it is puzzling me.

Any ideas?