Cent. FL Club Dec. 3rd Meeting


May 26, 2001
Saturday, Dec. 3rd

Last meeting of the year, so lets have a great turnout! At the corner of Howell Branch Rd. and Semoran Blvd. in the Casselberry Commons Plaza, just north of Orlando, 6pm - 9pm

Hope to see many of you there, we'll be talking about the Club Anniversary Dinner and the Gainesville Race.
Crap. Just finally got my GN down here from VA this week (It's been sitting up there since I moved to Orlando 9 months ago), and now I've gotta miss my first possible GN meet in FLA. (Silly wife's birthday......grrrrrr)

Oh well, I look forward to meeting up with the locals here soon. I NEED SOME LOCAL CONTACTS!!!! Are there some decent GN shops around? Good tuners? I'm sure you all will fill me in. :cool:

Damn it's nice to have Natalie here with me.......