Centerline wheels for GTA wheels


high on gas fumes
I'm looking for a set of 16x8 GTA wheels and have a set of 15" Centerline wheels for trade or trade + cash or buy the GTAs outright. These have the centercaps spray painted silver that's flaking off, but are in good shape otherwise and have "0604" stamped on the rears and "0304" stamped on the fronts. IDK what that means but it's the only marking I can find that might give info about the offset of width. The fronts have 215/65/15 and the rears are 255/60/15 Cooper with a 2017 build date. Good tread on all 4 tires and lugnuts are included. Not sure what these are worth, so any insight would be helpful. I'm located in Amarillo and would drive a couple hundred miles if someone has some nice GTAs. Thanks.