Challenger SRT8/392 not even close! He picked on me


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Sep 28, 2001
I was getting on the Interstate heading back to the office as I merge on the hwy I see him in my side mirror a little ways back a couple of lanes over, quite a bit of traffic so not much we could do anyway. I have ran one of these before so I wasn't really caring about him all that much.

It clears a little and he then comes up (young kid) behind me around to my passenger side I give him a wave he then quickly has to back off for slower traffic in the right lane.

He is then back around my drivers side weaving in and out of traffic jumps on it and gets a little ways ahead of me. Another 2-3 miles and the traffic clears a little more so I decide to catch up. I get up on his drivers side doing about 70mph I drop to 3rd he hits it and I hit it and I put about 3 car lengths on him quick and I believe he let off?

I then slowed down and just cruised he even passed me again a couple of lanes over but wouldn't look my way. lol Cool car but not that fast. :)