Champion GN1 Aluminum heads FS


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Mar 8, 2005
$800 plus shipping!

yes, GN1 aluminum heads still for sale. That's what I paid for them ($850). Straight up and honest. I planned on race porting them and doing new springs. The valves look fine...heads were used for a few thousand miles by previous owner. I have no clue what spring is on it and I didn't care because I was going to match it all up after the cam. I sold the these are for sale.
Pics here on page 3.
That very last picture shows the only thing that had me asking questions. Story I got was they were sent to champion and repair work was done there. I know I dropped on a KB header and a stock header and they fit perfectly flush. so Nice work...whoever did it. I planned on sending them to Champion for the race port and new springs. I would also clean the threads a bit on intake mani holes. Nothing major...may go in just fine. I would just want everything perfect. The price I listed is the price I gave. It was a deal...but if they were perfect, I'd want $1200. They aren't...but they aren't hurt either. You know?
I think I put it in the pics. Look in the link and see if you see it...if its a different number you need tell me where to look and I will go do it.
bump...lots of pms

Im trying to find a thread involving the castings of Champion heads but cant seem to locate it. I know there were cracking issues with the older castings. If i can figure out which casting this is i may be interested. Any idea?