I have a set of champion Cnc ported irons
1.77 ferrea stainless intakes
1.5 ferrea stainless exhaust
Viton valve seals
Springs set up for small roller cam

Also I have a set of T&D roller rockers I would like to sell as well

$1800 plus shipping
Let me know if interested
I can provide all other specs
Are they new or used? If used approx miles and condition.
The heads were completely disassembled
They needed new valve seals
Machine shop told me could use a valve job
I had them replace all valves with ferrea stainless valves, new roller valve springs,retainers,locks etc

Heads surface smoothed for cosmetic gaskets
They also showed me where they did some minor touch up porting while apart

header flanges flat
There are really nice
I could get some pics tomorrow after work

The rockers are t&d 1.55 used great shape
They are a quality piece