Champion intake question

jay dcpt

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Going to be running felpro 1200 intake gaskets and the gn1 alluminum valley cover. Will be running breather lines to a catch can off of the valve covers. I'm assuming I can just plug the hole in the bottom of the intake where the pcv would go correct? Technically I wouldn't really even have to plug it because with the plate and the 1200s it should be sealed off from engine vaccum. This sound right?
Run the PCV valve. The block needs negative pressure all the time-idle, cruise and WOT. You'll get the idle and cruise negative pressure from the pcv and negative WOT with the catch cans plumbed into the intake pipe. You can run a one way valve in the pcv line to assure no boost goes into the block.
Was just planning on venting the valve covers. If I have a problem down the road I'll just install an electric vac pump
I run a morosoe on each VC so there is some vapor expended out of the filters on warm up. The catch cans never get close to full if you check them after a few passes.