Charging issues! Any help would would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi everyone new here first post ever!
Recently just bought my first 87 gn and am totally new to this. I have have been doing so mods myself nothen major yet, car only has 44,000 on it so bot turning into a drag car just yet. Im have issues with low voltage. Car off test at battery 13v same thing at alternator. Can on and running is runs at 11.8 to 12v never have seen 13v in car yet. New battery and new alternator. Now before everyone tell me to check volt light i cant because previous owner installed Dakota Digital rtx dash which eliminates that. So i installed caspers feilds fix and still have issue. I can run the car and the battery voltage goes down to the point where it will shut off. Not sure where to go from here anything info I greatly appreciate!
Ok i put orignial alternator back on and tried a jumper from brown wire for idiot light to positive on battery a mnd boom 14v. So now with the field fix harness I'm not getting 12 v at the boost solenoid because when its plugged in the without jumper voltage drops. Is boost solenoid fused?