Chassis and fabrication work


Sponser needed
i posted something similar to this in the lounge, the guy that did my chassis work is now layed off, and looking for work, his stuff is topnotch, i was not happy to hear that he wasn't going to be chassis work for others besides his friends, but that was a few monthes ago, and his jop of 16 years layed him off, good for us, all his workis TIG welded, the tube fitting is second to none and his fabrication talents are better yet, we worked for the same guy , building the fastest top fuel harleys, but he left to get a normal job, if you need it, headers ( SBC TURBO HEADERS ) chassis and body mods, dave can do it, he is located in western new york, and if yo have any questions you can e-mail me at , if you want something besides the manufactured stuff, you want the best, and you want the quality that only custom can provide, at a decent price, then Dave is you Guy, let me know guys,
Grant J Farmer
Ps you can see his work that ws done on my car at