!!!!CHEAP!!!! 87 GN for sale


Dec 6, 2001
Howzit guys. My name is Joseph. I met most of you at tracks. I finally got enough energy to log on again ( forgot my username and password). Anyway, I bought this car off a guy who did'nt know too much about these cars. It's not as nice as Mick's scoring deal(jealous) but a good platform. Asking $2,300. Has a clean title. It's a hard top. Runs ok but tranny is slipping and idles a little high. The engine is quiet, and just hit 100,900 mi. Mostly stock, only mods are an old bullfrog chip which allows 14 lb. of boost. Has a flowmaster exhaust w/ test pipe. Everything else is factory. I drove the car a few miles w/out any problems other than the tranny and high idle. I'm still looking for a buyer for my other GN so I have no idea why I bought this one. Would make a cheap race car or great parts car. First come first serve basis. Interested call me 778-8222
Hey Joe, nice to see you on the board. Since you made no mention of the body and interior condition, I'm assuming it is in pretty rough shape?
The body is fair in my opinion. Has rust on the bottom passenger door and rust in driver door hinge. Passenger fender has small kine damage. Paint is faded but original. Car has corvette rallye rimes. has no posi also. I'm not so certain about the tranny slipping anymore. The stock tach is just way off and shows rpm's jumping faster than really is. The interior is actually in pretty good shape. There are no tears on either seats. hardly any wrinkles. and back seats are in good shape too. The door panels are ugly in my opinion, so I would replace those. The ac blows not not cold. The owner I bought it from said he ran a 13.7 at tracks. (yeah right!) I might just keep the drivetrain and give away the body to one of you guys.
Its an excellent choice on a project car. Motor is completly stock and looks dry. Overall its not bad.

Sorry Joe I was think this the past night, not really looking for another project. Took me allmost one year to get my GN on the road.
hey joe, sorry i got stuck at work all week,if it dont sell call me again
I'm sorry guys, the car is pretty much sold. I have to drop the car off on monday to him. If anyone is interested in a much nicer 87' GN I have another one for sale but asking price is $9,500. Car is in excellent shape w/ 65,000 mi.