Cheating wife?


Shoulda kept the V8 in it
I work in the HVAC field and, as you would expect, sometimes work a lot. I have been noticing strange things happening when I get home. Her mobile phone rings and she steps outside to answer it or she says "I'll call you back later." When I ask her who called she gets evasive.

Sometimes she goes out with friends and comes home late, getting dropped off around the corner and walking the rest of the way. I once picked up the extension while she was on the phone and she got very angry.

One day we didn’t have any calls coming in at work so I went home early and she wasn’t there. That's when I got the idea to find out for myself what was really happening.

I parked my company truck at a friend’s house a couple of blocks away and had him drop me off at home so she couldn’t see that I was there.

I decided the best place to hide would be in the garage since I could easily get out of sight and have a good view of who, if anybody, was entering the house with her. So I crouched down and waited in ambush behind my Buick. I was not there for long when I heard a car pull into the driveway and shut off, then two car doors closing and footsteps approaching with some unintelligible talking and snickering…

It was at that moment, crouching down behind the Buick, that I noticed that it has some pretty horrible swirl marks in the paint.

Is this something I can fix myself or do I need to take it to a body shop???

I saw this on another board I belong to (not related to Buicks or cars in any way) and adapted it for use here. Just thought you guys might get a laugh…:biggrin:
Those swirl marks spell real trouble.. the rest takes care of itself..

Good kill.. got me 2
Best to have both problems dealt with "Professionally" I would think both can be "taken out" with out too much trouble.:eek: :biggrin:

That was really good! I was hoping to read about a "beat down" on someone.:redface:
I read that to the wife and even she cracked up!! Messed up thing was she TOTALLY got the humor and said that's something I would do/say.