Check out my new ride

I don't know, there's not much back seat room. If I was you, I'd repaint the graphics "Orangutan" instead of Gorilla. Seems more fitting with the color.
As soon as I saw it, I looked to see where it was, yep, down here in south florida. I see 5-10 of those stupid jacked up cars on a daily basis. I saw a kia the other day jacked up with 24s on it!!!
Yeah main, Dat b!tch wuZ voted "''THE MOST LOUDEST MUSIC PLAYING CAR IN FLORIDA" and plus "IT GARAGE KEPT".
I like it. In fact, I'm going to use some of those styling queues when I plan to rebuild my GN. The audio system is kinda weak though. I just need to find out if swivel chairs are NHRA legal and if they make DR's for 24's??
:D :D