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I wasn’t referring to the torque converter, smart asses. Inquiring about the front brake setup. But thanks for letting me know you can’t cut up a torque converter in half and that it come with more than three bolts. I really wanted to buy his flux capacitor if he had an extra.
Items for sale: Located in McHenry, IL

GN / T wheels set of 4 : $150.00
Valve covers with felpro gaskets $45
GM carpet mats front and back $50
GM front rubber mats $25
Kirban rear seat brace kit and hardware never installed $50

TORQUE CONVERTER - Dusty Bradford's PTC 2800 10 inch LU Converter

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY - Villa Park, IL - $250 Firm

Purchased and installed about 6 years ago. Approximately 5000 miles on it and about 50 1/4 mile passes. Only tried locking at WOT once at the track, knew it was slipping so I never locked again. This was an excellent converter on my stock long block with bolt-ons, but I switched to a 9.5 inch with my new build.

- Jim


Stock intercoooler shroud - $50
RJC large Puck - $45 - SOLD
Steering Wheel - $40
6265 .85 coated exhaust housing - $150
Chrome turbo shield - $40 - SOLD
3" intake with filter and 3"- 4" hose adapter - $50 - SOLD
Stock Location Fuel Cell with Bladder - $500
MOOG Idler Arm - $20
Welded Belt Tensioner Bracket - $40
10" NLU 3000 stall convertor (unknown brand) - Make Offer
Stock Upper and lower control arms - Make offer
Shitty upper door panels - Make Offer

All prices are picked up, but I'm all over the fringin place for work so I can deliver or meet half way in most cases.
Intrested in the steering wheel. You still have it?
What condition is it in.?