Chicagoland Race Schedule

Jun 19, 2001

*July 11th, Sunday CCGSCA Race #3 - Byron Dragway, Byron Illinois. Track Opens at
9:00 A.M. T&T starts about 10:00 A.M. Eliminations start at about 12:00 Noon.

*July 30th to August 1st, Buick Horsepower Nationals - Buick Performance Group,
Hebron Ohio.


*August 7th, Saturday CCGSCA Race #4 - Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove
Wisconsin. We will be scheduled with the Nitrous Street Car Brawl (NSCB)
(Times to be announced)

*August 20th - 22nd, Chicago & Indiana Chapters GSCA
"Midwest Buick Challenge"
Osceola Dragway, Osceola Indiana


*September 12th, CCGSCA Race #5 - Byron Dragway, Byron Illinois.
(Byron BOP and CCGSCA race #5 may be combined - Date subject to change)
*September 11th & 12th, “BOP” (Buick, Olds, Pontiac) Byron Dragway, Byron Illinois.
This is the possible weekend for a midwest race meet?


*October 3rd, Sunday CCGSCA Race #6 “The Finals”, Great Lakes Dragway, Union Grove
Wisconsin. Gates Open at 9:00 A.M. T&T until we are ready to race eliminations.

*October 9th, "BOP" (Buick, Olds, Pontiac) Cordova Dragway, Cordova Illinois

*October 17th, Sunday (CCGSCA RAIN DATE)

*October 20 to 23 GS Nationals, Bowling Green Kentucky (Rescheduled Date)

*November 5th - 6th, Southern Buick Shootout, Columbus Georgia

Non-members are more than welcome to test and tune with the club; however, if you want in on the points and possible winnings for best reaction time and such, you must be a member of the Chicagoland GSCA.

And as for a dyno - not gonna happen this year, not until we find someplace local that will let us dyno our own cars. Most of the ones in the area won't let us due to insurance practices. And I know there is a guy out near Rockford, but I'm afraid that's a little far to get folks to go to for a dyno.

I sincerely hope that some of you come and join us.

Chicagoland Race at Great Lakes Dragaway this Saturday, 8/7/10

Posted by our race director:

*August 7th, Saturday CCGSCA Race #4 - Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove
Wisconsin. We will be scheduled with the Nitrous Street Car Brawl (NSCB)

I haven't talked to Lynne about the race schedule but we can plan on it being about the same as our previous race with the Nitrous Street Car Brawlers.
We need to be ready to go by 12:00 noon. Two qualifying rounds and then eliminations. If you want more than two rounds of T&T you can arrive early and run with the T&T cars. Please don't enter the T&T lanes after 11:30 to avoid getting trapped in the T&T lane when they call us to our lanes for qualifying. Our pit area will be the same as the last NSCB race. (which is at the back) At the last NSCB race we were finished in time to sit back and watch the Wise Guys, Midwest Super Stocks, Midwest Gassers, Outlaws, and IMSM pro classes. This is a great event to race at and then spectate.

Again I will need to fax a participant list to GLD in order to guarantee our club entry fee. This is important because they Do check the list at the gate. If you are a spectator and you will NOT be entering with a race participant, You will need your name on the list. If you are entering with a race participant, I will Not need your name. I would like to fax the list to Randy at GLD on Thursday August 5th. Please post up by August 5th if you will be attending, or if you think you will be attending. It's better to have your name on the list and not show up than to decide to go at the last minute and not have your name on the list.

Two races down and Three to go. It's still anyone's series to win :) . The second race showed that even an underdog can win putting the heavy hitters on notice that we have you in our sights. Race three is a pivital race and I think we are going to see a drastic change in the points standings. Our races are becoming closer and closer. Everyone seems to be bringing their game to the track. There's nothing better than some good clean Competition!!! BRING IT..... :twisted:

Please post here or on Chicagoland Buick GSCA • View topic - CCGSCA Race #3, August 7th, Great Lakes Dragaway if you want to race with us. If you want to race for the points, you will need to join our club - a mere $20 for a year and a half, at this point. If you just want to watch and have some fun, come on out!
Revision in times for the race on 8/7/10...

*** GLD RACE #3 SCHEDULE...8/7/10 ***
Posted by the race chairman:

I spoke with Lynne as she has completed the schedule for this Saturday's Race. The times are a little later than our last race with NSCB. Lynne has stated that she would like our group to be part of the main show so we could strut our stuff for the spectators. I prefer to start earlier so we can sit back and watch the show but we are running in their event so we must follow the schedule they have made for us. However, It was nice of Lynne to want us to run as part of the main event.

2:00 PM First Round Qualifying...
3:00 PM Second Round Qualifying...
4:30 PM First Round of Eliminations
4:35 PM Rocco & Phifer put their cars back on trailer... :lol: :lol:
5:30 PM Second Round of Eliminations
6:15 PM Third Round of Eliminations
7:00 PM Fourth Round of Eliminations
7:45 PM Finals

ALL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE and are subject to change due to delays, oil downs, etc. but could also move up if everything is going smooth without delays.
The track opens at 8:00 AM and they plan on starting Test and Tune at 10:00 AM. Anyone wanting to beat on their cars before qualifying just go early and join in on the test and tune. Our pit area is the same as last time.