Chicagoland Racing at Byron, IL Sunday 6/30

Jun 19, 2001
Samantha Rix Memorial Race
Sunday – June 30 2002
Byron Dragway / Rock River Road / Byron, IL
Ron Leek @ 815- 234-8405.
Since April 28th did not work out, the seventh annual race in memory of Samatha Rix has to wait until June 30th. Our hosts for the day will be Ken & Liz Stasiak who will make sure we have fun and not annoy Ron too much.
Last year 66 members entered 25 cars in this event for a lot of fun. With cool
weather we had some great runs. Who knows what will happen with the hot weather this year?
Soft drinks and snacks will be made available to members and racers from 11:45 am until 1:30 pm.
Please get to the track early if you want to test and tune before the racing. We will have a drivers meeting at the Chapter area at 12:30 PM with eliminations starting at 1:00 PM, unless the track is very congested. Then the track owners may move things up.

Please check our website at for directions
Well... how was the racing?! Couldn't make it this time... rats!

Well, we had 24 cars that actually raced, maybe a few more that t-n-t'd. The track was most co-operative. There was no other program running this time (which is why they offered us this particular date) and we had 2 lanes for t-n-t and 3 lanes for bracket racing. Most cars got in 4 runs before brackets, and as many as they could stand afterwards.
Track was hot and sticky. I think someone said it was in the 120's on the asphalt?
We had several tents together up on the hill, so we caught a good breeze most of the day. There were at least another 20 or more spectators - gotta love them, you know?
Because of the heat, the program moved along quick briskly - lots of red lights! So we were done by 2:30 - 3:00 pm. Made for a short day.
Our next race is the Midwest Challenge in Morocco, Sept. 13-15. Then we're back at Byron on Oct. 6. There's some talk that we might make it to Cordova on 10/12 for their B-O-P. Maybe it will cool off by then!
Thanks for asking!