Chip config

They usually would write the info on the chip itself or at least Eric does . Other then that no real way to know unless you had the stuff to actually burn your own chips . This is part of the reason I love my sd2 chip . It is the last chip I’ll ever have to buy because of how you can configure it to whatever you want to.
Sorry for the late response to your question but I just saw this post. The answer to " Is there a way to check the size of injectors configured within a chip? " is yes, well sort of. You need to put the chip in a PROM reader so the numbers inside can be copied. One of these numbers is used by the program to calculate fuel injector duty cycle, which is how long to keep the injector on each time it fires. If the factory program has not been modified, the injector number can be used to calculate injector size as we know it, like 60# or whatever.

I said you can "sort of tell" what the injector size is because the program is also in the chip and it can be modified as well. However, If you're talking about an old school chip then rarely was the program modified and you use the injector constant number and calculate the size intended for the chip.

Do you know anyone that has a PROM burner?