Chip ID


Nov 21, 2001
Now I'm pissed. After ****in' around my car taking care of this and taking care of that I decided to see if I can find out what kind of chip I have.

As I understand it, the chip is located in the panel area on the passenger side between the glove box and the floor. I found myself fighting with this thing so hard I ended up lacerating two of my fingers on my left hand. And once I did get it out, just an ECU. I thought I would be see the EPROM and even swap it out without much hassle if I wanted to.

To make a long story short: just how do I determine what kind of chip I have?

David R
After you get the ECM out, you just need to remove the two little 7mm or 1/4" bolts. The chip is right behind that plate.
Now what?

Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Now that I've got that plate off I can see it... but it doesn't appear to be labeled (if any are). I am assuming the chip is the big one on the left. It looks like there's a company logo of "RN" off to the left side of the chip.

Does anybody have any ideas what this chip might be, what it's set up to do, etc., etc., etc.

Thanks again,
David R
The "RN" is the chip carrier company logo. It has nothing to do with the chip itself. Some vendors put a little sticker on inside of the chip. Can you see a silver square sticker on the top of the chip? If you can see Delco on it, its probably a stock chip. You may have to just take out the chip. Disconnect your ECM first, orange wire near battery.
Kenne Bell 9006-P

Finally got around to finishing up what I started last week and discovered that I have a Kenne Bell 9006-P. I've been trying to find some info about this chip but no luck. Anybody have any ideas what it's supposed to do.

I read some where about a "Hi-Lo" chip. Not sure if this is one of those, but I'm wondering what that means just the same.


David R