Chip related problem?


Sep 30, 2001
Hey guy's I need some Help!
I finally got my car idling with the stock chip, but that's all it will do is idle...I am running 40# injectors.....So after idling for a while I get a trouble code 42 the module! I tried reseting the computer and swapping in my used PTE 93 street chip for the 40# injectors..thinking that the chip was the the car doesn't really want to run or idle....So thinking it was the chip again I swapped in the PTE race chip to see if there is a difference.....I checked the resistance on the coil pack and that's good....Is there a way of checking the module? besides swapping it out? After all of this I put the stock chip back in and it idles again!
May the chips be bad?
Or could the module have gone bad while sitting around?