sick GN

I'm currently running a stock chip and am wondering how far I can raise the boost without it hurting anything and without detonation. I know that this depends on how my engine is set up but I was wondering how far you can push a stock chip.

I have a 3" ATR SS DP, Alky, and 14" K&N

IMHO, the chip is the second thing that should be after the fuel pump on these cars. The thermostate is the third.
Just about anyones chip is better than the factory one.
Better fuel & timing curves, smoother idle and the factory chip has 22* total timing at WOT.
There are many other reasons too but these rae just a few.

Back to your original question- just take the boost up slow (1# at a time) until you get 1-2* of knock then back it up 1#.

Different gas will allow different levels of boost.