Christmas specials 2010

Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
We just annouced this week (Oct 21st 2010) on our website and in our out going orders our Christmas Specials. Unlike years past the specials wil include almost all our website products with discounts ranging from 10% to as high as 15%. A few major exceptions do exist.

We have several new items we now carry as well as a few new products in the works. One prototype we had on display the the recent GS Nats was a laser cut steel overlay to lay over the often busted/cracked upper dash panel. Even new ones are prone to crack. GM list on that plastic upper dash panel now runs over $100 each. Ours will be probably GN gray powder coated and carry a price under $100. Available later this fall.

So, be sure to check out our Christmas specials....hard to believe Christmas is almost upon us weird since we just came back from the GS Nationals.

Enjoy the ride...

If you have not already joined our free weekly Turbo Regal Inner Circle drop your info as it comes out every Wednesday and keeps you updated and informed of any good used parts we have in our posssession. Best part its is FREE.
Dennis, how did I miss the new prototype? Wish I would have seen it. Going to have to put that on the wish list.
Good seeing you there

Dennis, how did I miss the new prototype? Wish I would have seen it. Going to have to put that on the wish list.
Good seeing you there


We had nothing but positive feed back on this panel....simply a simple solution to one of those occuring problems.

Kind of like the billet horn collar we made only in that case it replaces the GM plastic part. This simply overlays over the factory part....the less cracked your panel is the better this will sit over it and hide the issues.

We are hoping to have it available in the next 3 weeks or so.

weather was absolutely picture perfect at Bowling Green.......can't beat the fall colors in the east.
Will this work without the original dash pad underneath?

I assume it will since it can sit on the frame work. However to take up the gap velcro would be a better method to attached it as you want to keep it even with the speaker frames at each end...

The metal overlay is a flat piece not a formed piece reason I think it needs velcro to take up the gap.
I have no idea how to post photos however, if you go to our website on the first page you see reference to weekly turbo regal inner circle ...locate the 10-20-10 inner circle when you do it is picture #4 of that inner circle pictured with an original upper dash panel with it.

it looks identical only surface wil be smoother and of course being metal it is flat the less cracks in your original upper dash panel the flatter this will lay over it. My source is making a new sample for me to appove this week as current sample was a tad to long in the corners....once done production will only be a few weeks.

Next step will get place that does powder coating to match as close as possible that GN grey.
That is the game plan....this new panel wil not have the screw holes so it has a cleaner look.
The plan is to have an effective cheaper method to fix the problem of cracked upper dash panels since the GM replacement now lists for over $215 each and only cracks in time again anyhow. SImilar idea on why we made our horn collar in metal only in that case it is a replacement.

Watch for updates.
Here you go Dennis

Hope this helps Dennis. I could use one Black any ideas on pricing yet? Mike

This photo shows the factory GM upper dash panel at the top and the new steel flat overlay at the bottom. The factory GM upper dash panel now retails for over $215 each making this steel overlay a possible solution to the problem

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On the overlay upper dash panel...I just got them today from the machine shop and taking them tomorrow (Wednesday to the powder coater) so they can match the GN gray we want to use on them. At this point the projected rice would be around $84.95 plus shipping.

The powder coater will have to "test" a few to have me approve the color but at this point availability should be later this month November I would think.

We will leave it to actual buyers to decide how to affix i to their upper dash panel either glue or thin double sided tape...either way not much is needed since it kinda locks in between dash pad and the defroster vent lip areas.
Dennis, do u carry any of the things I am getting for my winter build? Look at my sig. I couldn't find anything on your site. Regardless, Thanx for your help
Another nice product --- and it won't crack!

However right now my gray one has only one small crack and will last a while. I would be interested in colors - blue for my project car or maybe an uncoated (primed?) piece we could match the interior trim paint on.
we will have the upper dash overlay panels next week..they are powder coated gray with a texture in the powder coating....they can easily be resprayed over that any color you choose.

The pric eon them is $79.95 plus shipping....(not eligible for Christmas discount).

Powder coat colors are limited so the gray is a dark gray.

This is designed to be a simple cheaper solution to the problem.
I have a order I am about to place and I am at the point where I key in my payment info. At what point does it give the 10 or 15 percent discount.
I have a order I am about to place and I am at the point where I key in my payment info. At what point does it give the 10 or 15 percent discount.

Our website is not set up to do the discount since it varies 10%-15% depending on your order you must call the office during work hours 9-5 eastern time and do it that way.

Sorry about that.
No it has the vent slots for speakers the opening for the defroster vents and the small rectangle set of holes for heater sensor which was on all the dash panels....even the oem dash panel we sell doe snot have the twil light hole....ours does not either, nor does ours have the set of screw holes along the one edge so it has a cleaner look.

Using your original as a temp plate you could drill a hole in ours...