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Why is it that every time I plug something into the cig lighter socket the fixes blows???

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It's grounded out... pull it out and look at the back IIRC there's like a bent clip thing.... make sure it's not in contact with the sides . U may have to bend or turn it.... I will go check as soon as I can . Right now my daughter is asleep on my chest. But u will understand when you pull it out

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Thanks, I think that may be it.


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Because of this older design socket it is not compatible with many aftermarket plug castings. IF you have a plastic shell held together by a metal ring at the bullet end it WILL short against those pins above. A piece of tape around the ring will help. I also use an autoresetting breaker that fits in the fuse slot. Best mod I have ever done!
ok - lmk if it works... you can rotate that spring clip so its not contacting the sides or you may have to slightly bend it....but im pretty sure thats what it is.

Got it fixed. Just had to reach in there with a small screw driver and bend those two big contacts inward enough to get them off the outer case(ground).
Yes, that is the one:

Cig-Clk: antenna relay, AC control head, radio capacitor, security indicator, chime module, instrument cluster (digital), radio, cigar lighter, glove box light, engine compartment light, footwell courtesy lights, power door locks, dome lights, trunk lights, vanity mirror lights. These circuits used an orange wire for power supply.