Shhh... I've got a Secret
Oct 30, 2001
I'd like to take a moment to thank Chris at CK Performance in NY for building me an awesome 200-4R for my MCSS... :biggrin:

A short time ago, CK was offering thier full billet version of the 200-4R here at a smokin deal... at good timing to me as well... seems my mild 355 doesnt like stock CZF 200-4R's...

AT any rate, Chris and I discussed the car, the motor, gear ratio, tire size, etc, as well as my plans for the car... He set me up with trans and a 10" L/U converter rated for 2800-3000...

Trans was built, shipped and delivered from NY to HI in a pretty quick time frame... the only delays were caused by time-zone issues (6 hour difference) and me not getting my ass up early enough to call him in the morning at NY.

Thanks brother... :biggrin:

Teaser pic... :)