classic fast

Sent out fast yesterday when boxing it I remembered the white wire connecting to the o2 harness is loose don't want u to have a bad connection
Ok so what should I do about it

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Oh OK so why did you get rid of the fast system

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I had a guy come to tune the car and he couldn't adjust timing he said it was the fast so last winter I saved and 2300 dollars later got a xfi and still couldn't change timing it was the engine harness had two wires crossed
Oh OK so it wasn't the fast then that was the problem. Looks like you were chasing a gremlin which I'm still chasing in mine if it's not one thing it's another.

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Hey having trouble with the fast system is there anything else you forgot to send to me in the box like a pigtail harness or different map . Because when the shop tries to tune it on the laptop nothing shows on the screen to tune it if you can please help me out in any way to get it working right

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i dont see in his pic a comm cable or usb adapter
you need the comm cable and a usb adapter with prolofic chipset (may need to download the driver for the usb from FAST website and while your there download the ccom WP 1.340 software program )
once you have software loaded and everything connected you need to configure your laptop so the usb is on a port numbered 1-4 (go into device manager and find the usb and then check the properties to see where the pc assigned it and change it if its not on a port 1- port 4 , then in the fast program under communications > setup... select port that the usb is assigned to

if you dont have the cable or usb or software and he cant see anything on the laptop ... you need a new tuner
if you have the cable and usb and software and your tuner cant figure how to connect need a new tuner

once you are connected you can view the base ve table ,,look at map and it should read 100kpa ..if its far off but not near zero zero you need to install a 3 bar map
if its at 0 you need to connect the map sensor (installs vary but map is not on the ecu connector so the map signal needs to be connected to a wire marked MAP or it some times gets jumped to the MAF input wire on the engine harness . there was a jumper harness that jumped the map to the maf and the tps 5v to the map sensor back in the day that made this a plug and play ( razor has something like it in his alky kits now but it doesnt connect the map to the maf and caspers has one that plugs to the dash harness above the ecm to pull the map signal from that connector ) you really shouldnt need that anyway... just a wire that needs to jumped from center pin of MAP plug to center pin of MAf plug

also dont forget if coming from a chip the maf sensor and /or translator has to be disconnected ,,,remove tfrom vehicle because you dont need those anymore

anymore questions there a performance ecm forum for this stuff
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