Classic SEQUENTIAL Fast ECU w/Caspers NEW entire engine harness, Precision FMIC NEW


The Artist FKA Scott4DMny
May 27, 2001
Classic Fast Sequential ECU with low mile Wideband Oxygen sensor. Firmware was upgraded and ECU checked 12-7-07 by FAST. Hasn't been run since. You will need a harness to run this which you can get from caspers and I believe precision. C-Com software is available online. Asking 900 shipped.
I also have for sale a Casper's custom engine Harness for the FAST unit. The harness is new and it was made for a A/C car with all relays to be mounted under the dash. The harness was $680.00 by it's self
If you don't have AC anymore, you could always tie em off. Harness was 680 new. It was never run. Asking 600 for the harness, or 1400 shipped for the harness/FAST combo.





I also have a Precision Front mount intercooler. Core and Hoses/hardware are brand new from precision. Pipes are used but in good shape. There is a hole for alky. The inlet pipe had nicks on the front part so I took some light sandpaper to smooth it out a bit. There is a very light ding on the bottom as well that is not noticeable. It also has a little polished section from when the hood pad rubbed against it. The smaller pipe seems to have had a dent but was pushed back out and I took a picture of that as well. That one is barely even noticable. Just want to show all possible flaws. Pipes would be perfect for polishing or powdercoating. Asking 775 shipped obo.