clean intercooler


Hey guys, have any of you cleaned of replaced your stock location intercooler? I am wondering if it is easier to pull it out from the top of the car, or underneath the car?
Also, what have you used to clean the oil out of the intercooler? I have heard gas, carb cleaner, etc. Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance for all responses. ttanut,
The stock TTA intercooler has this little flap on the back that kinda covers the intercooler fan. I found it easier to drop mine from the bottom. Once you have it out some people recommend using paint thinner. When I did mine I just used some Purple Power. Cleaned the inside real good until the water coming out was clean. The I took a hair dryer and stuck it to the inlet on the intercooler and let it blow for a half hour or so. Even sitting on the kitchen table having the hair dryer blow hot air into the intercooler the air coming out the intercooler was substaintially cooler. Kinda neat. Anyways, then I propped the intercooler upside down overnight to make sure all the moisture drained out. taped the fins off,...sprayed it with a can of flat black Krylon, then put it back on the car. Good as new.
HI-PSI Is Right

I plan on doing mine as well. There is also more info here:

If yours is dirty at all, there will be a huge difference when you get it clean. Some people claim it feels like a different turbo has been put on the car.


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I would use a degreaser that doesnt leave any residue or moisture.

Brake cleaner solvent would be excellent for this type of stuff.It dries fast and leaves behind no moisture.Just slosh it around and dump.Repeat until comes out clean.

It will also cone out from the top by unbolting the shroud.It would be a good time to do your 160 t-stat and block off the oil vent from the turbo inlet.