Coan Converter?


11 Second V6
Heard of this thing for sale and I'm wondering if any of you've had good/bad luck with it? It's a Coan 10" 3500 stall w/ lock up. The guy says it's from a TH350 but would work on our 200R4?
That and the diameter of the pump-drive hub as well as the overall length of the converters are different as well.
Just found out the guy told me wrong, he had it behind a 350 cubic inch, not th350. He did have a 200R4. So how is the coan converter? Seems like it might be a decent deal for my setup?
I run one just took it to the track for the first time last friday. Read the "What did I break?" post here in trans tech.

I love it it is a non-lock unit though but it still has killer mph on the big end. It also has some great torque multiplication when I launch, it feels like I'm getting rearended by a Peterbuilt! If it is a good deal and your sure it is for a 200R4 go for it, I'm sure you'll like it. Here is a link to there site.