code 32 (EGR) at idle.. what did i say?


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May 27, 2001
in the next chapter of the neverending story.. nicks' SES light pops on after the car idled for like a minute or something..

turn car off, flip my tcc(that doesnt work)/SES+fan switch i made up... gotta be able to check those codes easy on my car...

code 32, egr.. i reset computer and restarted..

after the 25 seconds it said that the ecm needed to set the code.. blink.. there it is.

i went around the block.. the car seemed to drive kinda funny.. but apparently at some point the light went back off because i noticed when i pulled back into the driveway.. that it was off.. and then that it came back on..

i unplugged and replugged in the connector for the EGR.. didnt help... ideas...?
Well, my ses light comes on and also reads that code. I'v never done anything about it because the car seems to drive totally fine. Try buying a new egr valve. Put it on the car and if it fixes it, right on. If it doesn't fix it, return it and tell them it was the wrong part.:)
stop !!

it would be in the selinoid not the egr valve..
the computer cant read the valve only the selinoid .

i would say try another selinoid.

egr aint to be found on my car...gone..but selinoid still plugged in an no light...:)
Are you talking about the wastgate selenoid? That is what controls boost right? Its the red thing on the drivers side valve cover? If thats what your talking about, maybee thats why I only get about 15 psi now. (93 chip, wastgate all the way down)
He's talking about the EGR, no the wastegate. The EGR is also on the drivers side valve cover, and as long as it sees resistance when asking for EGR it will not through a code. (Provided it's not bad) I have no EGR valve but all the vacc lines to the sol. are there and I don't get an EGR code anymore.

Put a block on the vacc. line coming from it and forget the PITA EGR valve.