Progressive Insurance, Drop Them, What I Learned After My Accident, They'll Try To Con You


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Dec 15, 2002
Take aways to save you from reading this..
1= Thank God I got my car appraised and insured for that value (literally was re-appraisad 2 days earlier)
2 = Thank God I don't have Progressive Insurance
3 = Do NOT cash any insurance company check if you don't agree with the value

Don't get Flowed, she's a shady lady. Dump them from your GN coverage, they're slow I mean really slow, they're crooks and they don't know the value of your car and won't pay it unless you go after them.

Got rear ended in June 2023 turning right at a light, not my fault and almost saved the car noticing in my rear view the guy wasn't looking at me but looking left.

Hours later I contacted the other guys insurance company, Progressive, and 2.5 days later I hear back about my claim.
They give me 2 options and I choose to get the car estimated days later by my body shop, 40 minutes away.
I then have almost every part and receipt I've ever bought in a document and I put together the exact parts list damaged for the body shop to save time and be thorough. I also want to make sure there's no errors and I get what I bought already.
I get an initial estimate of $7200 I send Progressive.
4 weeks later (almost on the day) they send me an email that my check is ready to claim. Get ready to get Flowed......

They want to pay me the generous offer of.... $2200??? WTF

Thanks for wasting a full month of my Summer and to say the least creating unnecessary drama.

I clearly tell the con artist Progressive claim adjuster (text message) and the agent (Email) I'm NOT accepting that offer and they should not send me a check (that's because after a certain about of time they mail the check).

I had already talked to my AF insurance agent and my personal lawyer just to get a foundation here.

Not long after my clear statement to NOT send the check, they mail me the check anyways, I have the video of me shredding it.

I already knew that you do NOT cash their pathetic offer at any time, they're trying to low ball you into accepting their offer to get out of paying the real value. Of course, they're an insurance company and want to save money when possible.

Word of the day, SUBROGATION
That's when your insurance companies lawyers talk with the other insurance companies lawyers and they come to an agreement. Here was my outcome...

I got 100% of the bill handled
I got my $100 deductible back, that was surprising, that must mean Progressive got a white glove shoved up their ass and they found my deductible in there too for me.

5 total weeks lost
I get the estimate for them and they don't care what it said.
They tried to con me out of, wait for the total bill.....

Total bill in the end was $18,000. Damn

Imagine if I cashed their con check of $2200 and the body shop in the end hands me a bill for $16k.

I asked the body shop what insurance companies are great and have little drama.


The other 2 big companies were mentioned but they said these 2 are all you need.

States have a TOTAL LOSS or TOTAL LOSS FORMULA in case your car gets high $ damages. To the point, Hagerty and Grundy will pay for your GN to get repaired if you want it, and get in a bad wreck worth say 80% of its value. Normal insurance companies will say its hit the TL or TLF value and salvage it, take the car from you if you cash the lower than true value check. There was a nice Chevelle in the shop that had this very dilemma, he wasn't with Haggerty or Grundy and had to take way less $ because it was deemed salvage but he wanted it back and repaired.

Car is back and almost fully restored after 27 years of ownership, looking forward to driving it vs watching it.
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Yes of course I added on more custom shit while it was at the body shop. My side bill was stupid, having the insurance bill and a separate one for custom bs was a clue I have a problem. LOL

My 2 cars valued about $75k average each
Full year, 2k miles each, agreed value
$1750 a year, $875 each car

That's more than my American Family coverage but the Total Loss aspect is a tough pill to swallow for a guy like me with so many years of ownership and hours in each with customizing, I'm going to them this Jan.

Highly consider getting your GN appraised if it's right for you but you might've needed a push to do it.
I just upped my value at Grundy.
Agreed upon appraisal values are super important for us, it saved my ass in getting 100% paid for because I could back up the value.

My body shop does high end classic cars, when they say get Hagerty and Grundy because it'll be worth it, I take that with high regard considering it's what they do 6 days a week and for 40 years.

Don't get Flowed fellow GN buddies, in 2024 consider getting that thing appraised (context needed, if you're rolling in a D. Jones manure 💩 truck 🚚 then save the money LOL)
As the owner of a body shop I agree progressive is a horrible insurance company. All the large companies you see on tv suck to deal with, State Farm, Geico, Allstate, USAA, Liberty Mutual, all suck.
Check out who owns Progressive Insurance, and to what political party he has given billions of dollars to and what type of lawmakers, governors, prosecutors, and presidents he supports, and see if their politics , bans, and "green energy" policies agree with yours. Vote with your wallet by not supporting a company whose politics you do not agree with. This also goes for another computer/ software company megadonor. They both want to control what you can drive and buy.
Don't just vote for whom you want, spread the word on who is bankrolled the " bad guys".
Two reporters (check out the newspapers party affiation) took down Richard Nixon over "What did he know, and when did he know it?" Regarding "Watergate."
What about "the big guy?"
He knows a lot more, and he is involved in it. But he is still in office......

TIMINATOR, as always being anal and investigating everything.
Your call.....
This happened to me with my bass boat. Drunk driver totaled my trailer ran from the scene and her fly by night insurance com sent me a check for the exact same amount $2200. I was naive because there was a letter attached saying if the damages are more just let us know. BS, after cashing that check to purchase a used trailer, they ghosted me on the total of $9800 in fiberglass and gel coat work on my boat. 😩 Good information about these scam companies thx
State Farm sucks, too.

I'm an estimator at a Penske Collision Center in AZ and can say that with certainty.

My ex scraped a parking stucture pole in her 2023 Camaro SS in October. She has Cincinnati Insurance. 17K total estimate with the supplement. I thought it was going to be a hassle. I couldn't believe how easy they were to work with.

I have AAA on my daily's and Grundy with agreed value of 50K on the Buick.

My buddy has Grundy on 2 trucks, 3 Corvettes, two motorcycles and a 49 Caddy. He loves them.
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$2200 seems to be the Progressive con bait check, DO NOT TAKE IT.

NORCALTURBOS, damn sorry man, that's exactly what they want, you cash it, then they're technically done since you accepted the check.

If you have the appraisal, even with the cons or right insurance companies you have back up, you have written value they can't talk around. Make sure you send that appraisal paperwork to your insurance and the policy states this value in the return paperwork to you.