Got Rear Ended, What Are These Trunk Areas Called?


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Ya, nothing like restoring your GN, getting it appraised for $78k on a Wednesday and on Friday get rear ended.

Spoolfool fillers and carbon bumper seemed to do a good job, 10mph possibly. No aluminum brace if curious.

What are these called???
The plastic like panel that the fillers bolt too?
It seems to run the whole trunk behind the lights too. Pic 3

Then the lower trunk area that the trunk latch is connected too, it broke through, looks like fiberglass almost. Pic 2

Switching insurance to Hagerty after this, pretty clear the big 4 company's play games, my own American Family rep is switching me to Hagerty, $900 a year with 2k miles and $500 deductible. I'm gonna have to eat things I shouldn't, really pissed and might go after them if they really play games on me.


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Hagerty was very high for me try Grundy I am with them now at $257 a year for $50,000 agreed value, I have to up it to around $80,000 now.