Code 32


Aug 27, 2007

The SES light is on in my '86 GN. The code is 32, and from the website, I got the following explanation for it:

Trouble Code 32 indicates that the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve diaphragm is not where the ECM expects it to be. The ECM controls the diaphragm with a Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) waveform. The EGR has a vacuum bleed solenoid that adjusts the vacuum applied to the EGR valve based on this pulse width. If there is sufficient vacuum at the EGR valve, a switch closes to send a signal back to the ECM. The absence of this signal is the bases for code 32.
The conditions for setting this code are:
• no vacuum to EGR (switch open), and
• Code 33 or 34 (MAF error) is not present, and
• engine running and LV8 is less than 100, and
• coolant temperature is > 118 deg F (48 deg C), and
• the EGR solenoid duty cycle is < 65%, and
• the above conditions are met for more than 25 seconds

Typical causes for this code include:
1) Faulty EGR valve-to-ECM connection
2) Plugged EGR passages and/or sticking EGR valve
3) Defective EGR valve
4) Defective ECM

The car runs a bit sluggish and also hesitates between 40-50 MPH.

I have checked the vacuum lines, they seem ok. What is the best way to diagnose if the EGR valve is indeed bad?

I appreciate any help you can provide.
With the car idling, push on the plunger underneath EGR valve, car should stumble. You can also test the EGR valve with a mityvac tool, you simply apply vacuum to the egr itself and see if it holds vacuum, diaphram could be leaking.