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Forced Induction
Hello Brothers

Any idea where I can get a set of Frt and RR complete coil overs that would be the correct spring pressure? Especially meaning for the front.

Scot at GNS performance is probably more knowledgeable about TR’s than anyone, although you can order whatever spring rates you want from other places too.
Just for reference the standard Regals had a front spring rate of 350 lb/in (I’m not sure about the rear.
Regals with the touring package (T-types, GNs as well Turbo Ts) had 422 lb/in springs in the front and 128 lb/in springs in the rear.

I’ve got available a set of gently used QA-1 / Viking G Body front coil over springs 350# .
Suspect they are too soft for street driving & may be better suited for the drag strip.