coilover kit question....anyone help


Jul 20, 2004
I am looking at getting a set of the QA1 coilover kit for my 87 GN and was curious if anyone has purchased any of these. On summit to help filter the results they say the spring weight in inch pounds what does anyone reccomend for a good street strip kit?:confused:
first of all you will need to have a close idea of what the car's weight on the front wheels is. You could probably find that information online if your car isn't lightened up a lot in the front. I would call qa1's tech department and get their suggestion. As a general rule a light spring rate in the front won't corner as well, but it will help weight transfer off the line. The shocks will be adjustable, so you can use different settings for the street and the track. In addition to that it's not very difficult to change springs on a coilover if you wanted to play with spring rates, and you can do adjustments to ride height and crossweight.