Cold Start Problems


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Feb 25, 2003
I posted about this same problem a while back and thought I had it resolved, but I was wrong.
Our 1986 T-Type is very difficult to start in cold weather. The car cranks easily, catches, and then stalls. After several attempts, I am able to keep the car running by working the throttle. The engine idles very roughly for several minutes, struggling and chugging, but as the engine temperature comes up the car will settle into a normal idle. When the car reaches normal operating temperature, the car runs and drives normally.
The Scanmaster (key on-engine off) displays coolant temp and ATS at about 40 degrees (which seems accurate), and both INT and BLM display 128.
I have replaced and adjusted the IAC, replaced the MAF, and replaced the way-rich Red Armstrong program with one from Eric at Turbo Tweak. None of these changes has affected the problem.

The car has 55 lb injectors.

The car starts easily in warmer weather. What should I look at next? The car has become basically unusable.
Have you replaced your air/temp sensor? Do you have the the right chip for your injectors? Any codes? just my .02$:D
What does your O2 sensor say during this rough warm-up? On my car I had a chip that was just plain lean in cold warm-up, the O2 would be between 0 and .2V which is obviously too low.
There are no malfunction codes shown, even during warm-up. The ATS appears to be functioning correctly because the Scanmaster display coincides with the outside temperature. I don't recall noting anything unusual in the O2 readings, but I'll check that again.
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Today the weather was sunny and in the upper 50's, and the car would not start. The car has not run in several days. I'm now beginning to wonder if this problem is not cold weather-related. Today, the engine would crank and almost catch, but it never did. On the Scanmaster (key on - engine off), the ATS displayed 55 degrees, coolant temp was 46 degrees, and the IAC showed 150. TPS was at .40.
I did not confirm this, but it appears that the car has spark because it almost catches - it sputters and stalls.

What should I look at next? I really need to get this car running.
i HAD THIS SAME PROBLEM last week.pull your spark plugs (all 6)see if they are soaked (sooty) car will act as if she wants to start but won't if they are saturated.put new -old plugs in and see if it will crank over.when i did this,I put my old plugs in and she started,you may have same problem.if you have fuel and spark it should start.if flooded try holding gas pedal to floor and crank it.;)
Yes, check the plugs first, dirty plugs will not fire. If it's still not right, check the cam sensor.
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I pulled a plug and sure enough, it was fuel fouled and sooty. I replaced all six with new plugs and the car started right up. The engine speed surged once or twice like it did when I had the cold start issues, but it smoothed out right away.
I'm not sure I have this problem resolved, however. I'll see tomorrow when the weather's cooler. In addition, the car still has a problem with severe popping under boost and what seems to be excessive black smoke under acceleration.

What are the symptoms of a failing (or bad) cam sensor?

I'm very grateful for the help.
glad to help out. know if when you run it she smokes black your running to rich, things to check 1. correct the fuel pressure,2nd check the cam sensor- pull the cap off and see if the (gold) wheel turns freely(tab may be broken) if not,sensor may need adjusting.check your coil pack and modual.start here and see what you find?I have 50s and fp at 38.members on this board will help sort your problems..:cool: