1986 grand national


Sep 13, 2021
Well I just got my ac working in my car and when I was driving around I seen the temperature on scanmaster reach 230 degrees. Is the car overheating? I heard the fan running. Also when I vacuum the system down and charged it the high side stayed at 0 and low side 40psi. Is there something wrong? I feel like it’s not cold enough and it takes really long to start cooling.
When the condensor is shedding heat, it is adding to the heat of the radiator. On the highway not so noticable, in town, very noticable. Just make sure the thermostat is cycling and the temp is rising and falling.
I notice as im driving the temps go down. But when I’m sitting at a light they rise up.
if you aren't moving the only thing moving air through the rad is the wind and that fan. if you are still spotting a stock fan setup you might check it out to make sure it gets to running on high speed and is moving air through that radiator.
Does anyone know why when I charge my ac the low pressure side goes up, but the high side stays at 0. Why is that?