Cold starting issues


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Does anyone have cold starting issues with their E-85 car? It takes a few times to crank over and a few minutes to simmer down before I get this sucker to idle in properly. Once she is there....she is there. Getting her to that point is what I would like to know. Also, what type of fuel additive is good to run with the E-85 to prevent breakdown or "Goo" as others call it?

I use Lucas e85 stabilizer. Are you running a stock or aftermarket ecm?

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I just used this image.jpg
XFI has "start up fuel" that you use as a croke and I bet Holley does also that may need adjusting.

If you had XFI, I can tell you how but I am not to sure about Holley.
Car drives spotless by the way.....I just feel like it takes a while to start up and idles like ass for a few minutes....then it’s on point