Column repair


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Mar 1, 2009
Hi Fellas
Have any of you ever made a repair on the ignition key area on the column and if so how did you do it. Pictures would be great

Or would It be easier to replace the column?


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I guess you could try molding it out of jb weld or something like that. Any I have had that were damaged (stolen), we just bought a column from the junk yard. There is a local company that does stolen recovery column repairs, but a used column is usually cheaper.

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I ordered the part above from Oreillys I wonder if the steering column has to come out to install it or can I just pull the steering wheel and change it
I remember a repair on a column which involved removing the collar, and it was quite involved. Even as I had the column out of the car it was difficult and had many pieces that needed to go in a certain way. I would advise removing the column which is not difficult at all, and put on bench and take apart carefully and if possible use a manual or video the disassembly so it can be put back together accordingly. I do know you need to get a steering column lock ring tool. It presses down on the star lock ring and allows you to remove the nut which places spring pressure on the lock ring.
I've repaired several steering column in the past from re-tightening tilt bolts, replacing turn signal cams, broken column covers, replacing multi function switches, etc. It's not an easy task and requires several specialty tools like a steering wheel puller, inverted sockets, lock plate puller, and a column lock bolt tool. It's not a job for a novice for sure and it's likely you will break or lose several of the smaller parts. It would be easier just to replace the entire column itself rather than rebuild it if you don't have experience tearing one down. Just my 2 cents.