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Old Blue

Guys here is what I have, V2, 55's, P&P heads, and all the usual stuff to support it. I have decided to go with a 9X11 from Bruce for a converter. I had pretty much decided on a TE-45a from JC for the turbo. I'm now wondering about maybe toning it down a little on the turbo/stall decision. My shortblock is stock with no girdle or billet caps. Track time will be 99% 1/8 mile. I will also be running SMC alky. I'm thinking maybe a TE-61 and around a 3000/3200 stall. I just don't want to go with the milder turbo/stall and then wish I'd gone with my original choice. On the other hand I don't want to get in a situation where I'm breaking stuff either. Car will be mostly street driven but a fair amount of track time also. I really only want to buy once. Don't want to be upgrading in two months like so many others have found themselves doing. I would appreciate any and all opinions from those of you running similar combos. Thanks.:)
a TE-45 and 3000 stall converter has no downside on the just need good fuel at all will need a chip that is really lean at the bottom end to be happy with the '45...MaxEffort works excellent

the only problem with the 45 is with a HD wastegate, you can't get the boost under 18-20 lbs or the wastegate just blows open (not enough spring pressure)....external gate would prolly solve that
If your looking for a turbo that will work great with a 3000-3200 stall converter, and still be a mid 10 second capable turbo I would suggest a TA63 from Precision. I got a ride in my buddies car the other day that he just built with P&P iron heads and intake, 212/206 billet roller, 50's, CAS V4 IC, PI 9 1/2" 3200 stall, JL chip, and the TA63 turbo with the .63 precision a/r housing. I was very impressed to say the least at how well the turbo spooled and also how strong this car felt (it should run high 10's with about 22-24lbs of boost and a 1.5 60'). From what my buddy told me this turbo is about the biggest stock appearing turbo you can get and it's basically a stock appearing TE45 (63mm) turbo, so I would definately recommend it for your combo! :)
I should have also included I already have a Trans Plus installed. I'll be getting an Extender made for it when I make my final decision on the turbo/stall. Is 3000 enough for a TE-45A. I thought it needs more around 3400/3500. Of course true stall is relative to amount of power made by engine. Thanks.
well, I have run mine with a 3000 stall Precision and a 3500 stall precision...both will flash to 4000 on launch.....the 3000 is better all around converter (tighter on top end)

A "TA-63" is not the same as a TE-45A.....66mm wheel, big shaft comparison...stock appearing? don't think so....
The TE-45a is flat out an awesome turbo. I just upgraded, but had that. A 3000-3200 9/11 would be more than enough depending on cam size. As long as you don`t go crazy there, you will LOVE that turbo. : ) My cam is a 218, and I had just a little lag in certain driving conditions.Hope this helps.