Comp Cam, lifters, and timing chain


This is a used cam and lifter kit in excellent condition that has less than 1000 steet miles on them. The lifters have been marked for their position in permanent marker so they can be reinstalled to their corresponding cam lobe. This also includes the timing chain that is also in excellent condition. This is a great camshaft for upper rpm range power. I wouldn't suggest it if you have a stock converter. Asking 75$

Comp Cams Grind # 268H (218*/218*@.050" .469/.469" lift 110*lsa) Advertised power band is from 1,800-5,800 rpm.

COMP Cams High Energy Cam and Lifter Kits: CCA-SK67-246-4 -


P.S. I posted a set of stock heads here recently that I think I will have professionally ported and flowbench tested. Couldn't even get anyone to make offer on them in stock rebuilt condition :rolleyes: If anyone would be interested in a set of ported heads I'll get them done. The last ones I got done flowed 168 before and 206 cfm after on the intake side which is comparable to Champion CNC ported stock heads.