comp cams and dis4



is anyone using either of these? the cam is the 218/218. I can get them cheap this week, want to know if they would help my combo. right now i have the following: kn filter, adj fp reg, holley forced induction pump, hooker catback. plan on eventually going withthe tm intake and ic, bigger inj and most likely a bigger turbo. any thoughts would really be appreciated.

Ed Black
85 t-type
That cam is pretty big for a 3.8 considering the stocker will go low 11s. It will probably slow you down pretty bad with your current combo but might work ok with what you have planned for the future. I would err on the small side if you're not sure. I would much rather be undercammed than over cammed.
I didn't see the DIS 4 you mentioned. Again on a nearly stock car it probably won't do anything except maybe improve the idle a little. I've heard it shortens coil pack life a little. There are a lot of cars going in the 9s with the stock coilpack. If you have money to spare then you might as well get it. When my car started getting more modded and I turned the boost up I had to close the gaps on the plugs down some or it would misfire so maybe it would help some.
I believe Drew Carlton is using this cam in his 85. I would email Drew. Just my .02.