complete engine weight


Apr 21, 2009
hi guys, i was looking everywhere for the weight of a complete 3.8 out of an 87 GN. any help would be appreciated.
Nick would know this, hope he chimes in. Under 500lbs with iron heads if that helps any.
When I say complete I mean the motor with everything on it that it needs to run i.e. intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, turbo, throttle body, upper plenum etc.
I do not have the weight of a Buick V-6 engine like you stated, but have shipped many long block assemblies. These are complete from oil pan to intake, and flexplate to balancer.

In our long block form, it will weigh about 380#'s. If it has a forged crank, you can addd about 20#'s.

You will have figure the weight of your additional parts and accessories.