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Sep 24, 2017 at 3:00 AM
May 26, 2001
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January 4
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Phoenix, AZ
Self employed doing T-R's

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Nick Micale

Tech Advisor, Male, from Phoenix, AZ

Staff Member
Nick Micale was last seen:
Sep 24, 2017 at 3:00 AM
    1. TXGS
      Nick, Thanks for everything. Looks like I have to install my new fuel pump and hotwire kit now.
    2. Turbo Kelly
      Turbo Kelly
      Can you please tell me how to send someone a PM? I just can't seem to figure it out.
    3. chethejet
      Just purchased a 87 from my brother inlaw who has memory loss car sat for three years on blocks lots of goodies on the motor and trans press on the gas it gets rpms real slow and does not build much boost I am willing to pay for help I am in Dayton Ohio has a box on the dash with red light buzzer toggle switch and reset button. two switches in ashtray!
    4. sparko112
      Hello Nick, how much is the stock intercooler core charge?If I don't have one to sent. For the upgrade?
      1. Nick Micale
        Nick Micale
        Give me a call and we can wotk out a deal - 602-866-9908
        Dec 9, 2016
    5. West87GN
      Hey Nick . I have 87 GN just put Casper volt booster on and at wot volts went up to 16.1 then to 15.8 and pretty much stayed there until I let off . Is this bad for the car ? Thanks paul
    6. 57 chevy
      57 chevy
      Thanks Nick
    7. 57 chevy
      57 chevy
      Hey Nick, Who is a good tuning source for 87 gn in Southeast Michigan?
      1. Nick Micale
        Nick Micale
        The only shop in that area is Aggressive Auto, Bruce Alred.
        Oct 14, 2016
    8. HiTech6
      Just saw you were on line and would you help me set my TR6? Just want to make sure I get it right. Thanks
    9. Jacques Shubert
      Jacques Shubert
      I'm new to this and I'm not good with computers . I tried to post a question but a message said that I had to include a member . I don't know anyone yet how do I post ?
    10. doug young
      doug young
      stock 84 gn intake pop previous message
    11. doug young
      doug young
      84 gn popping underload replaced everthing but timing chain all stock timing chain has noise . grank timing will not stay steady a idle
    12. Jay Sweeney
      Jay Sweeney
      Hey Nick, would you be willing to sell me a stock turbo compressor plate? Let me know asap. Thx
    13. 87GN 98GTP
      87GN 98GTP
      Stock spindles. Make an offer. U can have the complete setup. I don't need it
    14. Rob's GN 511
      Rob's GN 511
      Hi, I have a 1987 Grand National. I am the original owner and my mechanic just told me I need a Master Cylinder. Where would be a good place to pick one up? My car has only 26,500 miles on it. I live on Long Island, NY. Thanks!
      1. Nick Micale
        Nick Micale
        Kirban'is the only place I know to try?
        Apr 21, 2016
    15. Willie E. Berry
      Willie E. Berry
      nick give me a call Willie. 623 695 1196
    16. Boost
      Hi Nick, are you there ?
    17. turbogtq70
      i haven't posted or sold anything on here forever. my number 765 602 5315
    18. Clc
      Hi Nick Here are the results of my trouble shooting so far. Good compression on all six cylinders,all six plugs are firing, checked for injector pulse with noid light all good, 38 psi fuel pressure at the rail, replaced cam sensor, set per gm service manual, car did start 3 times after cam sensor replacement but ran very bad ,moved cam sensor just a tiny bit car hasn't started since.
    19. #1HotRod
      Hi Nick. U sell Walbro 340 FP's? How much $ & when can be shipped. Car conked out next to a shop , do believe is pump. I'm leaving Ca. for next several days see dad before passes & funeral, backed up at work, will have to tow etc., so have shop do install instead & don't want a factory replacement. If have, would appreciate call tonight & I'll pay . Thanks bunch. Ray (559)779-2692.
      1. Nick Micale
        Nick Micale
        It is late and I just noticed this message, call me in the AM.

        Dec 11, 2014
    20. bvend
      Got the dw pump you sent me in but no fuel pressure. I can hear the pump run. Is it possible it's running backwards ? It's hooked up red to red wired to old walbro harness.
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    January 4
    Home Page:
    Phoenix, AZ
    Self employed doing T-R's
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    2 White Turbo Regals, one blue Limited
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    Nick Micale
    3334 W. Marconi Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85053
    Home of the first stock block Buick in the 8's!

    "We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit."