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  • Hello, First of all i did not know that large caps is screaming. and the one guy insulted my spelling and my wording you yourself said i was annoying who wouldnt take offence to that but i will apoligize to you and the websight turbo buick! I been here ten years and would like to stay. I'll refrain from any wrong doing if you have to do something ok!
    Nick Micale
    Thanks, my original post was not meant to bash you, to but a gentle nudge!

    You are right, the guy was out of line, and your post would put everything on track again, thanks.
    hey nick do u still have the dp for sale i need a 3' dp with a dump pipe ?? and will it bolt up to a te-44 ? send pic's to aaclark38@hotmail.com
    My Battery went dead I replaced it but my 87 Gn runs very rough and I ran it for several miles but no change. This has never happen before.
    Nick RJ has stated you may have a buyer for the 87 GN wheels I have, The wheels are in excellent shape, I also have a set of 4 15" BFG tires with 80% tread left that came off those wheels.
    Nick I'm doing a vacuum brake conversion. what booster/master cly combination is the best to use. Till now I have been able to deal with the powermaster system. But parts are getting hard to find & I'm tired of beating my brains out getting them to work correctly. Regards Lou 949-378-1590
    i accidently posted what i wantd ed to be a new thread on someone elses thread as a post in the hot air section is there any way u can remove it from there?
    Hey..You still kickin a** and takin names? I'm using a different e-mail more now since I started distributing zddplus. turbojen72@yahoo.com look forward to hearing from ya. I hope everyone is well. Your buddy, Jen
    I'm interested. What pistons do you have. What are you asking. my turbo Ta swallowed a hose clamp screw and cooked a couple of my 30over je pistons. I have the motor at the machine shop and been waiting a month for pistons.
    HOW TO Forum. I am also a memeber of a Ford Focus forum. I like the way they have the HOW TO section set up. It is very organized. Think we should have ours set up a similar way. * * * * C o m p l e t e ' H o w T o ' A r c h i v e * * * * - Focus Fanatics
    I enjoyed to finally get to meet you. I had a blast this weekend and will never forget it. I felt like I had known you all my life!! You made the week even more enjoyable & I look forward to meeting your wife. I think me and her are going to have some great times to come. I can't wait til next year, but I'm sure I'll talk to you before then my friend !! Take care!
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