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  • I know what you mean about the heat..it's too damn hot here to even breathe. You guys can stop and pick me up on your way to Maui. That sounds cool never been. We go down off the Carolina Beach, so I can drive the avalanche in the sand..throw out the fishing poles and the beer cooler is never far. LOL

    I thought my motor would be in by now, but me and Scott won't stop bitching long enough to get it in there. I told him one day to get all my Buick **** together cause I was selling out, I think his ass drew up to the size of a straw. I can't work with him for ****. I can do it by my self better than I can do it with him. He drives me crazy.

    I'm sure I will be impressed by your engine pics. They probably want me to start all over. Are you going to come to anything on this side of the Mississippi in the fall?

    Take care, enjoy your trip, quit falling around drunk, and stay off your DAMN KNEES..your getting too old for that ****!! LOL

    Just taking names, I would fall on my ass if I tried to kick anything as my left knee decided not to co-operate and is swollen?

    All is good though, should get my engine back in the race car this weekend, and finish a complete 2 month re-work of the engine compartment in a couple more weeks.

    Too damn hot in July/August to race, so it was time for a re-fresh. When you see the pics, you should be impressed, I hope!

    We leave for 2 weeks in Maui when it is really hot the last 2 weeks in August, so we get LOTS of playtime in the sun, water and sand.

    Thanks for your new address, will be in touch there.
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