Complete Powerlogger + WB + MAF + more!


Short Guy
TurboBuick.Com Supporter!
Jun 18, 2001
Do you still have a nearly stock car? Is your MAF giving you fits? Have you been interested in making some changes but have been overwhelmed by the options?

Here's a deal for you. This is essentially the whole kit. This will enable you to log everything, and is everything you need to step up to a TurboTweak SD series chip. This is the setup I ran until two weeks ago when I installed a new standalone.

1 Factory ECM (reman) with a TurboTweak chip burned for 60lb injectors/212 cam/3100 stall convertor.
1 Thrasher chip burned for stock injectors I'll throw in the box
1 Powerlogger already installed in the ECM with cord and input break-out board
1 PLX Wideband controller with sensor (with weld-in bungs)
1 MAF Translator
1 LT1 3" MAF
1 3 Bar GM MAP sensor

$350 plus the ride gets it all.

I can't believe this didn't sell for the asking price in minutes.

Guy, this entire kit is only $100 more than a powerlogger by itself. The only thing missing is the chip for the scanmaster.