Black friday Deal - TR6 module, Powerlogger and ECM, Axis and TT 80 chip!, 3.5 MAF and Pipe and BNIB AEM Wideband


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May 16, 2008
Hello everyone I have all these parts for sale. Went with aftermarket ECU. All these parts are close to new within 1.5 years under 100 miles.

Powerlogger and ECM. Computer was done by Blue Streak not Car-done through Highway Stars. Axis and 80 lb chip for E85, TR6 ignition module is older than 1.5 years perfect shape works great. LS1 Maf purchased from FTS. BNIB AEM Wideband was top of line when I purchased. I will throw in a 3.5 Maf pipe by G body Parts.

Price is $795 plus shipping to the lower 48 states. Thank you
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