10 second powertrain part out

Sorry about your loss John. Hope that it comes back faster than ever. I'll take #39. Let me know price shipped.


The weakest link in my car has always been the nut between the steering wheel and the seat, I've said my curse words, hoping to build something really fast soon. $70 shipped to you. I think you used it once before, but let me know if you need pics.

Paypal is realjoesnuffy@yahoo.com or let me know if you just want to mail it to me. PM or text me your address and I will get it in the mail tomorrow.
Interested in turbo if not sold

Waiting on a response from the next person in line, V6sleeper.

It is a TE45AGTQ turbo. .63 precision compressor housing, two E covers, one polished, one standard, two waste gate actuators- one standard one HD. Zero shaft play in/out or side to side. I originally bought this from Coach on this board. I would guess between 3-5K miles on it.
I replied about the brackets and bolts. Did you get the PM reply?

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Did the pullies ever sell?

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Dang, sorry for your luck, I can't handle the cold weather.

I guess that's why I live in Phoenix.

Might I ask what size gauge is on the:

# 40. Custom made line pressure hose and gauge. Used to verify line pressure while sitting in the car, reads up to 300 psi. $100 and can it be permanently mounted?

I'm interested, possibly a pic?

Thank you.
Forged Speed pro pistons hung on stock 2 dot rods

What size are the pistons? and how much you asking?